Digital evidence in the sector of justice

 On 4 and 5 March of the current year within the framework of the ESF project “Justice for Growth” a training “Introduction On Legal Acts and Practice with Regards to Electronic Evidence” was organized. The training was organized by the Court Administration, where judges, investigators and prosecutors were participating. The training was lead by a sworn advocate Steven Mason, who...
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Court administration - the world leader in the analysis of judicial data

In 2017, the Court Administration of Latvia required a comprehensive enterprise analytics platform to collect information, drive insights and make faster decisions. By choosing MicroStrategy, the Court Administration integrated disparate data sources into one place and gave its users the ability to access information easily and quickly with self-service analytics.
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The Court Administration of Latvia Improves its Court Case Management and Lowers Spend with MicroStrategy

Riga (Latvia), January 15th, 2019 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, today announced that the Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia has deployed the MicroStrategy platform to drive its data-led digital transformation. The Court Administration of Latvia oversees 2,200 judges and court employees, and approximately 100 administrative staff working in...
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Possibilities of the electronic auction site have expanded

Upon broadening the possibilities of the electronic auction site and increasing the popularity thereof, as well as in order to increase incomes earned from auctions, additional services are offered on the auction site. In order to make the auction site even more convenient for users thereof and activities thereof more efficient, the subscription of the monitoring service of announcements registered...
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Electronic Insolvency Accounting System will start working as of 1 January 2019

   As of 1 January of the next year the Electronic Insolvency Accounting System (hereinafter – the EIAS) will start to work, the purpose of which is to promote protection of interests of all parties involved in the insolvency proceedings and legal protection proceedings, as well as to simplify their involvement in the course of the insolvency proceedings and legal...
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The discussion on equal access to justice takes place under the leadership of Secretary General of OECD and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

 From 5th to 6th July this year, the international discussion „Equal Access to Justice” takes place in the House of Blackheads. The discussion is attended by participants from different countries, including Latvia, to discuss the best practices and the development of OECD that significantly strengthens the public access to justice. The round table discussion is organized in co-operation with the Directorate for...
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In the research by the European Commission a positive conclusions about the courts of Latvia are being voiced

In Latvia there is one of the smallest accumulation of pending administrative cases in courts among European Union (EU) countries, in the research about justice in European Union (EU) „The summary of European results in the field of justice” carried out by the European Commission (EC) it is concluded. Also Latvia is marked out as one of the five EU...
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Council of Europe experts have assessed the effectiveness of Latvian judicial systems

Yesterday, April 23, the CEPEJ, European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice assessment for the efficiency of the Latvian judicial system was presented during a Council of Justice meeting. The experts offered a positive evaluation and support towards the already implemented and planned reforms; the impact of the judicial territorial reform was received a positive assessment as well, because, as...
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The presentation of the report on judicial efficiency designed by the European Council is taking place in Riga

On April 23 in the Council of Justice, the ESF project of the Court Administration "Justice for Development" will take place, as well as the presentation of the evaluation of the Latvian judicial system provided in cooperation with the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). The report on the evaluation of the Latvian judicial system prepared by the...
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Machine Learning and Neural Networks Examination Forecasting

On Thursday, April 5, at the Innovation Center of the University of Latvia and Microsoft (LUMIC), a seminar "Data Analytics Challenge" was held, in which data analytics enthusiasts shared their experience in using various data approaches, ranging from the interactive data analysis to the use of Machine Learning and Neural Networks. During the seminar, the teams of data analytics specialists...
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